Our project for this semester is to create a 30 seconds animation clip in Flash. The clip will deal with the subject of sustainability through the emphasis on the idea that our world is our only home and we should do everything we can to protect it.

The main character of the clip is a goose.

The clip will contain 3 main scenes:

In the first scene the goose sits calmly on water in a lake, while in the background we see some kind of factory. The lake is connected to the factory through a stream, suggesting that the factory’s sewage polluting the lake. This causes the lake to be uninhabitable and the goose flies away in order to find another place to live.

In the second scene the goose sits next to a tree/in a forest in an attempt to create a new home (possibly during a different season). However, the forest is being cut down and ruined by man, causing the goose to fly and search for a new home again.

In the third scene the goose tries to live in a pole (the scenery will be represented by glaciers) but that is impossible as well since all the ice is melting due to global warming. As a result the goose doesn’t have a surface to live on, so it flies away again.

The end of the clip will contain the phrase “Our world is our only home, please let’s protect it” and the goose flies into the scene and sits in/on one of the letters.

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